High-quality natural fertilizer from sheep's wool

How did the idea?

In collaboration with the institute of agricultural and urban ecological project at the Humboldt University in Berlin a solution for the sales problem of the shepherd regarding their sheep wool had been searched.

In the last years the treatment of sheep wool is subjected to grave fluctuations worldwide. Due to the dominance of synthetic fibres and cotton there is almost only a demand for valuable fine wool in the textile industry.

In the present sheep breeding there is hardly any marketing opportunities for coarse, grease and not marketable sheep wool.

According to the chemical contents of raw wool it came to the consideration producing a fertilizer made of sheep wool.

The research phase

In the research phase a technology for processing the wool in pellet form had been developed on the one hand and on the other hand the effect and special multi-functionality of fertilizer pellets had been detected scientifically.

The feature of the production process is the technology that enables the wool working up to dimensionally stable pellets without additives or binding materials.

The plant physiological product properties are characterized by:

  • high nitrogen and potassium concentration as the most important component for healthy plant growth
  • enduring fertilizer effect over the entire vegetation period
  • water storage capacity
  • soil loosening by swelling effect of the pellets
  • maintenance of soil biology in conjunction with water storage
  • high ph-value as remedy against acidification of soil

Side effects

A welcome side effect of the pellets is the suitability as repellent against moles, voles and snails.

Natural product

The product is a pure natural product and conforms the trend regarding the growing awareness of people for healthy eating.

Accordingly, the criteria for growing conditions in the organic production of fruits and vegetables are determined administratively more and more restrictive.
florapell sheep's wool pellets

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