Construction planning and engineering services

Construction planning

Within the construction planning we provide services around your construction project from design conceptual to approval planning and construction supervision.
In addition we offer the complete engineer services by HOAI:

LP 1 basis determination
LP 2 Preliminary planning
LP 3 Design conceptual
LP 4 Approval planning
LP 5 detailed design
LP 6 preparation of award
LP 7 contribution of award
LP 8 object monitoring
LP 9 object supervision and documentation

We offer you these services with the following qualifications:

- authorization to present building documents through membership of the “Brandenburgische Ingenieurkammer” (chamber of engineer in Brandenburg)
- issuance of energy certificates (authorization of issuance in accordance with § 21 of EnEV - energy saving regulations)
- preparation of EnEV calculations (authorization of issuance in according with § 21 of EnEV - energy saving regulations)

Project development and project management

We offer you the scope of services from location search over development of location-based concepts for structural and installation engineering, we issue approvable planning documents and we accompany you during the implementation up to the commissioning.

For our clients and partners we take construction management and coordination of trades and lead the project up to the commissioning in accordance with the legal provision and magisterial editions.

As always our objective is to implement the ideas of our clients and partners, optimize their expenditures and so ensure the efficiency of the further management.

We warrant an independent consulting service.
We warrant an independent consulting service. For that we offer you the following project management services and controlling services:

  • project preparation
  • planning
  • cost calculation
  • subsidies research
  • tendering and awarding
  • implementation preparation
  • implementation / construction supervision
  • project closure / commissioning

Consulting services

Our range of services includes also expert and consultative function on behalf of:

Industrie und Handelskammer (Chamber of industry and commerce)
Rationalisierungskuratorium der deutschen Wirtschaft (Board of trustees for rationalization of German economy)
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (Investment bank of Brandenburg)