Energy consulting and energy efficiency solutions

Energy consulting and energy efficiency

We will be happy to provide consulting competently and independently in the areas of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies. Our scope of services includes private housing, trade and commerce up to industrial investments and thereby associated energy supply.

We process this services directly on behalf of the client. However, we also offer you the possibility to perform this services within national funding by KfW (initial and detailed consulting) or within regional funding in the states of Germany.

Energy consulting for residential buildings – DIN 4108/ 4701-10

The energy consulting for residential buildings includes an inventory of the building construction and an analysis of installation engineering for heat generation and distribution.

Based on this we develop the concept for energetic restoration of the building together with the client. In addition to building physical proposals energy production will be examined and evaluated with regard to economic.

An energy consulting report is the result. With this report the client can make investment decision, structural or technical measures for energetic restoration or optimization.

The level of savings depends always on the efficiency measure, which the clients has selected.

Energy consulting for non-residential buildings – DIN 18599

The energy consulting for non-residential buildings includes basically the development of energy efficiency solutions for commercial enterprises with office and storage room up to catering facilities.

In the first step the task embraces an analysis of energy consumption based on the accounts. In the second step the various energy consumers and energy producer will be analysed through load profile measurements or load profile simulations.

Furthermore the existing buildings with regard to the possibility of energetic optimisation will be examined. The result is a presentation of the work and calculation or the development of a report.

The results represent the basis of decision-making for further investment in the enterprise or are conditions for the use of funding by e.g. the KfW.

All developed recommendation for action lead always to energy cost reduction in the enterprise.

Energy efficiency solution for commerce and industry

As part of energy consulting for commerce and industry we offer in a first step the identification of weakness and propose first energy efficiency measures.

In a second step the investigation will be deepened. Within this analysis all energy fluxes will be collected and evaluated. Based on this actual state analysis energy saving measures, efficiency measures and proposals for the use of renewable energies can be submitted.

Based on economic analysis of this proposals specific recommendations for actions can be made. Altogether so far proposals could be submitted for all realised energy consulting, which result in reduction of the cumulated costs.

This services are also funded within the energy consulting for mid-tier enterprises by the KfW.